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To say this blog will be linear is not going to be appropriate. I’ve had a lot of thoughts that I’ve wanted to get written down but not enough of them are on the same topic that are really worth a blog. So what should I do? Well… I’m just going to combine them all into one long random sports & entertainment blog.

This is my favorite time of year in sports. I know I probably say this three times a year all at different times of the year. We have the MLB playoffs going on, the NFL has had a few weeks in and now we are seeing what teams are looking strong, and NBA is just right around the corner. I apologize to hockey fans. The season has begun as well but I’m not really excited about hockey until it’s the playoffs.

I split screened watching RAW and the Jets vs. Falcons game tonight. I’m liking where the WWE is at right now. I will get into that more later. What the hell is going on with the Falcons?! A lot of people thought they’d be one of the teams undefeated right now but they are now 1-4. That doesn’t even look right. The Jets at 3-2 right now doesn’t look right either. Gino has put some numbers up and maybe I under estimated him. The Jets defense has done well and usually they are a pretty solid group under Rex Ryan. His downfall has always been the offense. The Falcons in a division with the Saints, I think have no chance at winning the division now. They will really need to get things figured out immediately. They have a bye next week and they need to get healthy badly. Roddy White has been playing hurt and half of their defense seem to be injured. Steven Jackson needs to come back to teams don’t just focus on doubling Julio and Gonzalez. With my move to Georgia I am rooting for the Georgia teams like Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Speaking of bulldogs, I have an English Bulldog named Raja. She has one of those scrunched noses so it’s hard for her to breath and she over heats easily. We have worked around it and usually take her for walks at night when it’s cooler. Lately I’ve been worried about her though. She is 7 now and I’m starting to think that her eye site is going away. She always has gunk in one of her eyes and sometimes when I put treats on the ground she can’t find it unless I point it out to her. I took her for a walk tonight and she seemed to be okay but I still get worried.

As for Georgia and the moving updates, I have been going through all the boxes I’ve packed since I moved from Miami to back home. My brother has a lot of stuff but I know I’m not going to live with him forever. Therefore the stuff I know I don’t want to buy again or I can easily store in my closest or something I’ve been packing up. Since I graduated and everyone moves out before you I keep finding stuff that other people realized they couldn’t pack up and gave me. I didn’t realize I had a blender, some form of chopper, and several shot glasses and bowls. I wouldn’t say I’m an organizing freak but the whole time that I’m emptying out my furniture and boxing up the stuff I want to bring I’m also moving around and unpacking other stuff onto the furniture that is staying. I don’t want to just leave my basement completely trashed in case my mom ever needs it. I also want it to be livable for any of the times that I might come back to visit.

I’ve had a few reflective moments as I’ve gone through my drawers and found stuff I’ve forgotten about. It’s weird to think that you can just pack up your life into boxes and survive on enough furniture that you can load into a box Uhual. I guess it also goes to show you that material things aren’t really that significant and aren’t needed. They are just for comfort and ease but not necessary. I also have found some things that I would love to have in my scrap-book. My aunt has made scrap books for me and my brother over the years. As we’ve gotten older and moved around it becomes a lot harder to do our books. I try to keep small tokens and memorabilia that I can then give her later. That stuff I’m sure she’s happy about but I’ve also found old photos and old newspaper articles that I would like to put in my books but I feel a little bit bad about telling her to go back and add stuff to it after all her hard work. She’s retired and doesn’t have any kids of her own so I think secretly she likes doing it because it allows her to live the memories but I also know she tries to keep herself busy and it has to be time-consuming.

What a performance today! Simply amazing

What a performance today! Simply amazing

In my last paragraph of thoughts, I feel very 3rd grade writing that, I want to discuss baseball. If you’re new to this blog (add me! Comment!) than you probably don’t know that I’m a huge baseball fan and specifically a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I thought the hiring of Mike Matheny was a good move after Tony La Russa retired. I believe in hiring within an organization. The culture is already there and there is already a comfort and knowledge of the players. The adjustment period is very short. The last two seasons I think Matheny has done a great job and the front office and player development has been second to none. I wrote a blog already about how astonishing it is the amount of home-grown players that are on the roster right now. I have had a huge disagreement with how Matheny has used the bullpen in the playoffs though. Today was game 4 out of a best of 5 games. Lucky for us we pulled off the win and are still alive with the series at 2-2. I think we have the advantage with CY Young contender Adam Wainwright taking the mound in game 5. He won us game 1 in great fashion. My problem with the team is mostly pitching with a few disagreements in fielding subs.

Why has Carlos Martinez been used twice so far in crucial moments in the playoffs!? Martinez is going to be a great pitcher in a few years as a starter. He has come up and down this season and he’s had his moments. He had lightning stuff but he’s also prone to being wild. He should be on the playoff roster I think but he’s not that guy you go to in a key moment. The teams best relievers over the season has been Mujica, Rosenthal, and Siegrist. I don’t think Mujica has even been used in the series so far. Rosenthal finally got his first appearance today after I thought he should have been used for game 1 and 3. I would have used him in game 1 to get the playoff jitters out. Game 3 I would have went with him when the game was tied. I’m not one of the people who believe you only use your closer, or best reliever to end the game. I believe you use your best/hottest pitcher in the most key moments. Going with Martinez in game 3 was a big mistake in my eyes. I think Maness is the best pitcher they have for getting ground balls and is best for when there is a runner on first and second. If there is a runner on third though I would go with Mujica. He doesn’t throw hard but his movement of pitches gets strikeouts and ground balls. I cannot understand why he hasn’t been used.

My other major concern is the starting staff to begin with. The Cardinals had days off to figure out how they want to go about setting up their rotation. Wainwright as your #1 is a no brainer. Matheny went with Lynn to start game 2 and Shelby Miller in the bullpen. That left me scratching my head. Lynn got off to a fast start but other than September struggled in the second half. He has proven he can pitch out of the bullpen and would have been great in the role that Matheny has been using Martinez. I would have went with Wacha as the starter for game 2. He would have been in the home crowd so it would be less pressure for a player in only his 10th professional start. I would have went with Joe Kelly in game 3 like Matheny did. Kelly is a bulldog and has matched up well against the Pirates. He did well in game 3. It was the misuse of the bullpen that lost that game. In game 4 I would have went with Shelby Miller. The added time to rest would have done wonders for him as a 23 year old rookie who started the season in the starting staff.

The only other issues I’ve had are really minor and most people wouldn’t have even thought about this. One of the moves that Cardinals did during the season when ahead in games or during close games after Freese’s 3rd at-bat was to put Wong at 2B and move Carpenter to 3B. Carpenter has been solid at 2B but Wong is a very smooth and gifted 2B guy defensively. Carpenter also came into the minors as a 3B/1B guy. It would also allow Wong some exposure in the playoffs so you’re not breaking his cherry and over exposing him in a moment later when you might really really need him. Instead they’ve inserted Descalso at 3B, who is an improvement over Freese, and Kozma at SS. When Descalso started at SS this makes sense but Kozma has started at SS the last two games.  With Craig injured, Descalso is the best pinch hitter the Cardinals have on the bench. So instead of using Chamber or Robinson, who are roster fillers and pinch runners only, as pinch hitters use Descalso and Wong.

Game 5 is Wednesday at 4 o’clock my time. I get off the clock at 5 so hopefully the crappy office manager or a customer doesn’t keep me there over my time. I think for now I have gotten all of my thoughts that were too long to tweet off my chest. Hopefully for those of you that actually follow me this will make up for the fact I haven’t posted anything in a week. I apologize to those people. I’m sure updates and photos of my packing will be up here soon. Bonsoir!


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