NBA Projected 2013-2014 Rankings by BA

I know it’s kind of late as the season is two weeks in by now but I wanted to get written down my NBA projections for the season. I’m not a huge NBA fan but I do follow certain teams and stay up to date on my team the Oklahoma City Thunder. I also focus on the teams that I’ve lived around like the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. On paper it just looks like I’m a band wagon type of guy but I grew up a Bulls fan living around Chicago and then I went to school in Miami when the Heat sucked and only really had Wade. Not to mention I worked for some Alonzo Mourning charity events and met some of the players. I was a huge fan during the Jordan & Pippen era and lost my love for the game after Pippen went to the Blazers and all my favorite players started getting old. I also started getting way more into baseball and also figuring out football at the time.

With that little back story being put in place I’ve always been a guy that appreciate legitimacy. If you said Damien Lillard was going to be rookie of the year during the draft I think you deserve credit for that. I find it incredibly annoying when people say they called stuff after the fact and nobody can ever back them up on their claims. For that reason alone of it being incredibly annoying to me I try not to be that guy. When I make a claim I let it be known and I either write it out in a blog or send a message as soon as I truly believe it to my sports guys. In my football blog I actually have the proof that I thought Julius Thomas was going to be a solid Tight End in football this season. You can see that at PigskinPortal. When the baseball season started I repeatedly sent out text messages to my baseball friends that I thought Shelby Miller would win rookie of the year. The awards haven’t been decided yet but he is in consideration. I also wrote that I think DeAndre Hopkins is the real deal talent wise. I might be a little off on that but I made the claim in writing. I thought Riley Cooper was going to be a breakout star this season and he hasn’t. He’s done well the last two weeks but I don’t think it will continue. With all that being said let’s get right to my NBA standing projections.

EAST: Paul George Dunk

1) Heat

2) Bulls

3) Pacers

4) Nets

5) Knicks

6) Pistons

7) Cavs

8) Celtics

9) Wizards


NBA Hope

1) Spurs

2) Clippers

3) Thunder

4) Rockets

5) Warriors

6) Grizzlies

7) T-Wolves

8) Nuggets

9) Blazers

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